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Props to Make Your Vintage or Rustic Wedding POP!

May 31, 2013

Renting items is a fabulous way to leave your guests in awe while having the unique wedding that you’ve always dreamed of! Vintage and rustic wedding items add a personal and classic flare to your big day. Buying design items can cost thousands, but renting is easy, cost effective and gives you many more options.

Vintage suitcases and custom wooden boxes are a great touch to add to your gift table! Use a simple “CARDS” sign inside a vintage suitcase and it doubles as a money box! The same suitcase can also be used as a prop for a vintage candy buffet by displaying treats inside it. Impress your guests with old fashion candy/dessert favors on an old fashioned tablescape! Wooden boxes would be a rustic and simple way to add flare and depth to your table!

Available for rent from Cinderella4aday and A Night In Bloom

Window panes are also becoming more popular design elements at weddings. Quite often window panes can be used as seating charts that welcome guests and give them their first glimpse into your wedding style. Easy to dress up or down, you can also add color to the back of the pane to change the feel and design of the prop! Other props that can be written on are chalkboards  for directional signs or menu lists.

Available for rent from Cinderella4aday

Another possible vintage rental can be candle globes. They are beautiful options for lining your isle, decorating the center of your reception tables, or simply being placed around your venue for a nice touch.

Available for rent from Cinderella4aday

If you would like to add some color and design to your average tented reception, paper lanterns are a phenomenal option! Colorful, simple, and versatile; lanterns are a perfect choice! They can be used for many different themes like vintage and rustic to top off your wedding!

Available for rent from Cinderella4aday

Lastly, if you’re looking for a rustic-glam look then centerpieces are a great way to accentuate your design. We’ve chosen these rustic tree centerpieces that are adorned with beautiful gems to add a bit of sparkle! Other centerpiece options are birch tiers, vintage wine bottles, or mason jars.

Available for rent from Cinderella4aday

Remember to be creative, anything is possible! Renting is a great option for many couples. No matter the theme of your big day, there is always a renting possibility. Also consider renting for your bridal shower, bachelorette party or any other event!

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