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Autumn trends are blowing in!

September 24, 2012

Fall is upon us! The crisp air is blowing in some fabulous wedding trends for Fall 2012! All we need is two words to sum up the season: Vintage sexy! Let’s start with the most important part of the big day, the dress! ; )

Wedding dress with slit!

Fall wedding dresses are all about the color, length and details! White is still around, but more and more brides are going with a soft peach or lilac to make their big steps in! Something about those colors just reminds you of vintage, huh?! Next up, brides are going “flapper” and starting to show their legs! How short to go is up to you, but one thing is for sure, shorter is in style! Lastly, everything is in the little details, like lace backs, corset and long slits, can you say Va Va Voom?!?

In style skinny tie!

Don’t worry fellas, we haven’t forgotten about you either! Everything is about slim and sleek  like long skinny black ties to elongate the body.

Honeymoon Registry!

Other Fall trends include a money registry, no more wedding cakes, non traditional photos, unusual bachelor/bachelorette parties and boudoir photography.Instead of buying the happy couple a new toaster, more registries are asking for cash towards a honeymoon. There’s a gift you KNOW the couple will LOVE!

Cupcakes instead of cake!

Wedding cakes are out, couples are leaning more towards cupcakes and dessert bars, food they know their guests will enjoy.

Unusual wedding photo!

 No more traditional photos with the bridal party in front of a old and boring alter. It’s all about panoramic views and photos that really show what you are your significant other are all about!

Extreme bachelor party!


Pre-wedding parties are all about bucket list events! No lunch-in dates here, just extreme first time events for you and all your friends.

Pin up pics with your bridesmaids!

Lastly, more and more brides are planning boudoir photos for their grooms to be! You could even get your bridesmaids together for a cute pin-up session for pictures and gifts to the girls.

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