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Tented Wedding Receptions Vs. Traditional Venues

April 23, 2012

Are you the type of bride who prefers that everything is on hand & you don’t have to worry about a thing? For most couples having a venue that is all inclusive eliminates the stress of worrying about everything from choosing a caterer to additional fees incurred for rentals. One of the biggest concerns is the weather; and if that is one of your big worries then the traditional all-inclusive venue might be a perfect fit for you. BUT, if you have always envisioned your wedding to be more “out of the box” then an outdoor/tented wedding could be more your style. Either one is great! Traditional Venues, usually held in catering halls are what is typically known as your “cookie cutter” weddings, while tented weddings sometimes fall into the category of “out of the box”.  There are positives and negatives to both, you just have to decide which one works for you more!

Traditional Venues:

Photo from Anthony’s Pier Nine

There are many locations that are deemed under the category of traditional venues.  Start thinking: Catering Halls, Hotels, Churches, etc. Many of these places are gorgeous and will be able to direct you through your wedding day minute by minute.  There is usually a specific order in which events take placeand within a limited time frame.   The evening will usually start out with Cocktail Hour, where the guests start to mingle after the ceremony.  The newlyweds then meet up with the crowd to greet their guests and enjoy appetizers before the main reception begins! Next comes the newlyweds’ first dance where guests get too “ooh and ahh” at the beautiful couple.  A toast follows with the rest of the night including dancing, dinner and then cake cutting.  After the cake is cut, the night starts to wind down.  There is a little more dancing, with the bride tossing the bouquet & then the fun for the groom kicks in with the removal of the garter! Soon the couples last dance arrives and then the guests bid farewell.

Tented Weddings:

Photo from

If you are the type of bride who likes to stray away from guidelines and wants more of a personal touch, tented weddings are great! Some brides may not know what a “tented wedding” is and think that it is less formal or bland, but it’s not! There are so many beautiful tents that you can rent, with gorgeous décor including lights, lanterns and almost anything you could imagine! The price of renting the space is usually cheaper than renting out a traditional venue, but you have to pay the additional fees for a caterer & different types of rentals ranging from tables to chairs, linens & more. The events of the evening can either follow a similar regimen as above or you can go completely out of the ordinary & switch things up to however you like! You have much more leeway to change up the program to how you want.  Another benefit of having a tented wedding is you can decorate your space however you like! This gives you much more of a creative base to work with. You can endlessly daydream thinking of how you want to transform the space to be as unique as you are as a couple!

There are benefits to both different wedding styles.  As the bride, you just have to choose the perfect match for you!  Either way, you can still have that fairy tale wedding you’ve always dreamed of!

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