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Out with the Old & In with the New!

February 27, 2012

Whether you’re watching Four Weddings, My Fair Wedding, or any of the other dozen wedding shows on television everyone always comments on the same two things. The first is how ravishing (or not) the bride looks in her gown and the second is the wedding cake.  “Look at how many tiers it has…look at all of the detail…look at how nice those colors go together,” but one thing that is not featured on those wedding shows is how good the cake actually tastes.

A majority of the time brides to be focus on what the cake will look like.  Granted, they go for cake tastings to decide on what flavors she and her groom want to go with for the cake and frosting, but in most cases, the cake won’t taste the same as it did during the tasting.  It is probably made in advance and made to withstand transportation and multiple tiers piled on top of one another.  Which is why, we at Cinderella4aday suggest to all of you brides, out with the old, and in with the new yummy dessert buffet!  However, we are throwing out the traditional Viennese dessert table as well, and are giving it an extra special twist by going with a Cupcakes & Candy buffet!

First off, a candy buffet is not only perfect for a fun filled dessert option, but it also can be your wedding favor!  This is a great way to kill two birds with one stone and even save money!

Second, while many wedding cakes are beautiful to look at and a great way to “eat with your eyes” so to speak, your taste buds will have other ideas! Not all cakes are as fabulous tasting as they are beautiful.

To get a ball park idea of how much a cake would cost, consider serving 150 people.  With about each slice costing $3.50 that equals $525.  Now, say you want to take it up a notch with the flavor… that’s going to cost you. If you opt for a style upgrade that averages around an extra $2.00 per slice. Then if you want to change filling to an upgraded filling such as cannoli cream that’s another $1.00 per slice… see where were going with this?

Third, if you consider going with cupcakes it would cost anywhere from $2.00 and up.  Most places will give you a break after a certain number of cupcakes, which would cost somewhere around $300 for 150 servings.  Not only is this less expensive, but you can mix and match and offer your guests a variety instead of having one flavor of cake.

Fourth, if you wanted to bring in your own cake so you can ensure the quality and yumminess of it that may cost you as well. Granted not all venues will charge you, but some places will charge you to have the cake cut, prices start at around $2.00 per slice.  In many cases, the cake is included in the overall price, so the venue would be losing money.  In addition to that, some venues may see this situation as a threat to their public image.  If you bring your own cake and it isn’t big enough to feed your entire guest list, some of the guests may blame that on the venue.  Or, if you bring in your own cake and it tastes horrible, some of your guests may also blame that on the venue as well.

Don’t be afraid to think out of the box when it comes to planning your wedding. Including fun aspects like a candy buffet into your wedding reception is something that will make your guests remember your special night for year to come!

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