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Visualize with a Vision Board!

January 30, 2012

Compliments of Pinterest

After those four life changing words:” Will you marry me?” are asked, a million thoughts come flooding into a bride’s head. Ideas such as venues, color schemes and invitations are overwhelming if thought about all at once.  A bride needs to be able to organize her thoughts in a simple yet thorough way.  A vision board is a great way to do this.

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Compliments of

A vision board is a creative way to organize your ideas and goals.  People use vision boards to reach their goals in life: getting the job they want, buying their first nice car or becoming a famous singer.  It clarifies your goals and it is a constant reminder of where you are trying to get. Using vision boards to plan your wedding helps you achieve the short-term goal of having your dream wedding.

Vision boards can be started on cardboard, poster paper, computer paper or any paper big enough to place your ideas on.  The next step is to find what you like and paste it on the vision board. Look through magazines, print out pictures online, or even draw right on the vision board.  There are a lot of components to planning a wedding so don’t limit yourself to just one board! Have separate ones for the invitations, your dream dress, ect.

Not the Crafty Type?

Flipping through magazines, cutting out and pasting seems like a lot of work, especially for all of the ideas running through your mind for the wedding.  Thankfully, for all of the new social media, there is a technologically advanced way to have a vision board online! This website is called Pinterest.  Many people are using Pinterest today and it has a variety of ideas to peruse through.  You can create as many boards as you desire and it is very easy to use!

How To Pinterest!

The most difficult part is getting accepted. It usually takes a few weeks for your Pinterest account to be activated so sign up now! Once you get the acceptance email, you can ‘pin’ away.  When you see a picture or idea you like, just scroll over the image with your mouse and click the ‘repin’ button.  It will then ask you to create a board or choose from the boards you have already created.  Just click ‘pin’ and there you go! The best part is, you are not limited to just the images on this website.  Go through all of your favorite online wedding sites, save the images to your computer and just upload to Pinterest! Get started in planning your dream wedding!


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