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2012 Trends, Tips & Valentines Proposal Do’s & Don’ts

January 23, 2012

2012 is shaping up to be a pretty good year so far, the Giants are in the Superbowl, Valentines Day is right around the corner, we have had a beautiful and mild winter and the world is currently covered in an innocent yet romantic blanket of that fluffy white stuff we love to look at but hate to say 🙂

2012 is also shaping up to be filled with some of the trendiest and unique weddings we have seen in years. with more and more celebrity weddings being televised and pictures published brides are “stealing” some of these cultural icons fabulous ideas. Many couples are  moving away from simplicity and moving toward a party style soiree filled with neutral colors highlighted with bright accents making certain things pop!

Funky and fun looking flowers are taking the place of the more traditional roses and lilies and even the traditional introductions of the bride and groom into the reception has taken a detour from tradition. You will be seeing more choreographed dancing, upbeat music, and just plain craziness!

Weddings are coming out of their recession funk and couples are spending more to make their night even more memorable. Cupcakes, dessert bars & candy buffets are becoming the “in thing” to have along with something unique that will leave your guests in Awww.

Hiring bohemian or Hawaiian dancers to do fire shows, red carpets with paparazzi snapping guests photos, or even black jack table set up  during cocktail hour are guaranteed to be awesome wow factors.

However, why wait until the wedding day to show off yours and your loves personalities?

2012 is also the biggest year for the fellas out their to step it up in the proposal front.

While the bended knee will always be a classic the ladies seem to be getting tired of “Will you Marry Me?” flashing across jumbo-trons at sports arenas, stunning engagement rings at the bottom of champagne glasses and scenarios that you stole from movies. The box inside a box inside a box inside a box routine from Serendipity or slipping the ring down a string of twine that is tied to your girls finger from StepMom or even the romantic proposal from Collin Firth in Love Acually where he asks his love to marry him in her native language (which he doesn’t speak) are all classic ways to ask for her hand in marriage but they have been used and abused.

Let your personality shine through in your proposal, ask her underwater during a diving trip or in the middle of the night while shes studying for an exam or preparing for a board meeting and is completly exhausted and thinks shes the exact opposite of beautiful in her PJ’s.

Spell out “Will You Marry Me?” in glow and the dark stars above the bed so its the first thing she sees when she flicks off the light to go to sleep. Make the background of her cell phone screen or computer a picture of you holding a sign asking her that big question. Take her on a romantic Valentines day trip and do not pop the question but wait until your home unpacking and being lazy, when she least expects it 🙂

Bring her a cup of coffee in a very special mug

Most of all Keep it coming from the heart. Let all the hoopla and planning  come during the wedding day, keeping it simple and from the heart on the engagement day is the new trend. You don’t have to go all out and make a huge show for your soon to be fiancee just make sure no matter what you say or do it comes from the heart and she’ll say yes 🙂

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