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“I Boo!”

November 7, 2011

Tying the knot on Halloween has become an increasing trend within the last couple of years. Halloween is now the most popular day in October to get married. It is a great day for the Halloween enthusiasts out there and anyone else who wants to have a unique wedding experience!

Having a Halloween themed wedding does not have to be full of blood and gore, there are so many ways to elegantly incorporate Halloween themes into your ceremony and reception decorations. Whether you want to have a spooky Halloween wedding, or keep it simple and classy, there are decorations and themes for every level of spooky.


Here are a few of the United States most Spooktacular venues for Halloween Weddings:

Hawthorne Hotel Salem, Massachusetts. Bridget Bishop owned an apple orchard on the same site where this hotel is now located – At the Salem Witch trials, Bishop was the first to get executed.

Belcourt Castle Newport, Rhode Island. It is said that the antiques in this castle are

—there are

Belcourt Castle

also four secret passageways in the library.

The Stanley Hotel

The Stanley Hotel Estes Park, Colorado. Guests have claimed to hear children outside of room 408 and it is said that the ghost of the original owner plays the piano while his wife walks around the lobby and billard room.

The Queen Mary Long Beach, California. Guests, employees, and psychics have reported accounts of paranormal activity aboard this hotel and tourist attraction that once cruised the high seas.

As for Decor, there are so many options. Whether you are more of the Gothic Halloween bride or want to include some fun and spooky touches, here area a few pictures of fantastic Halloween decor for every bride to be:

Highlight your night with blood red and deep purples

Intertwine Fall and Halloween for a calmer look!

One of the best parts of the whole night and one of the biggest show stoppers is the cake. This is where your true Ghoulishness can come out and you can go above and beyond with your Halloween motif!

A frenzy of spider webs!

For the True Halloween Junky

Halloween on the liter side

Now for the dress! Dresses through the ages have changed and adapted to for to the social “norms” of the time but during a Halloween wedding you can throw out all of the standard Wedding dress protocol and go even crazier than you did with your cake! There a dresses in true Gothic style or with an added dose of black or red to tie in your Halloween theme. Something slick and silky can give you a Morticia Adams in white kind of look or you can add wings and truly become a fairy princess!

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