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Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue & a What…..?

October 24, 2011

“Something old, something new. Something borrowed, something blue.” The expression has been around for what seems like forever, but where did it come from? The saying orignates from an old English poem:

Something old, something new

Something borrowed, something blue

And a silver sixpence in her shoe.

Each item is said to represent good luck for the couple. If the bride carries all of the four tokens, the marriage will be happy and long-lasting. The something old represents the connection between the bride’s family and the memories that they share. Something new symbolizes the positivity in bride’s new life with her husband. The token of something borrowed is usually a keepsake from someone close to the bride that has been happily married. The good energy from the borrowed item is said to transfer to the bride and give her the same joy-filled marriage. The something blue originates from the popularity of the blue wedding gown until the early 19th century. Having a blue token on your wedding day represents past traditions and keeps them alive.

So, what can you use for these items on your wedding day? The best part is, this is completely your decision! This gives you the chance to express your individuality as a bride; however, the following are just a few suggestions to get your thoughts rolling:

Something Old:

  • A locket with photos of your parents or grandparents on their wedding day.
  • A piece of fabric from a childhood article of clothing, either sewn into your gown or used as a wrap for your bouquet.
  • Wearing a relative’s wedding gown, or using the fabric to to make your own gown.
Something New:

Compliments of

  • New shoes, jewelry, or any other accessories.
  • Your wedding gown.
  • A special set of lingerie to wear on your wedding night.




Something Borrowed:

  • A piece of jewelry from someone who is close to you.
  • A veil, tiara, or other headpiece.
  • A brooch to use as a detail on your dress.


Kristine Palmer Photography






Something Blue:

  • A pair of blue shoes.
  • A blue lingerie garter, or even a pair of underwear.

Blue tulle or crinoline used to add more volume to your dress

Silver Sixpence:

This tradition is said to have began in Scotland where a Groom used to put a sixpence in his shoe for good luck. Now it is suppose to bring wealth and financial security, for optimum fortune please remember to keep the sixpence in your shoe!

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