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Up & Coming 2012 Wedding Trends

September 21, 2011

As times change, wedding trends are changing as well.  As the 2011 wedding season begins to fade, the thought of what to do in 2012 is on future brides’ minds.  What are couples beginning to do differently?  Here are a few new trends out there that are going to be popping up at weddings everywhere.

           Destination weddings are becoming huge with brides to be and groom’s to be.  Less and less people are getting married in traditional churches and opting for a beach wedding in a remote location.  If the couple does get married in a traditional church, receptions are becoming another way to have your wedding stand out and be in a unique location.  Finding an out-of-the-box location helps your wedding or reception be remembered and talked about by all of your guests.

As far as dresses go, brides have been into illusion necklines.  An illusion neckline looks like a strapless dress with

Compliments of Marie Claire

sheer veil material that covers the exposed chest and shoulders. These dresses come in a wide variety of styles, from one shoulder to long sleeved.  The sheer material can be embellished with gems or flowers, or left alone for a simple and elegant look.  This is ideal for brides who want a more conservative dress but still want to look sexy and show a bit of skin.

A trend that many people are beginning to follow; not just couples getting married; is going green!  Couples that feel strongly about the environment have found ways to go green at their wedding.  Whether it’s creativly using pre-owned items or using recycled paper for invitations, couples everywhere are finding ways to reduce their wedding’s impact on the environment.  Some couples even opt for an eco-friendly honeymoon, or a volunteer trip to give back to the world they live in.

Compliments of

These are all fairly safe when it comes to getting married, but there are also some crazy new trends becoming popular in the world of weddings.

The first on the list are bridal diapers, so that brides do not have to worry about having to use the bathroom after outfitted in her dress.  Sometimes having your maid of honor hold up your dress makes it hard for you to go to the bathroom, and is just plain awkward.  A bridal diaper can relieve that stress and take one more thing off your mind.

Compliments of Marie Claire

More and more people are including a special friend in their special day: their dog!  Walking down the aisle as a ring bearer- there are more and more canine friends becoming part of the wedding party.  We’re used to seeing young children strolling down the aisle in a mini-tux or puffy gown, but a pet is something that we’ve just started seeing walking down aisles everywhere.  Well-trained pups only please!

The video of the boogie-down-procession down the aisle has caused a major outburst of dancing toward the altar.  The original video was aired on the news, and since then plenty of couples have been filming themselves and uploading the videos to YouTube, hoping to become part of the new craze.

Compliments of

Ever heard of a retail wedding?  For couples on a budget, getting married in your nearest fast food joint can be spontaneous and exciting, as well as cost-efficient.  Grab a few friends and surprise all of the diners in your local hangout by having them witness your vows.

A final crazy thing we saw was a life-size wedding cake of the bride!  The replica

Compliments of Barcroft Media

cake of bride Chidi Ogbuta of Allen, Texas stood over five feet tall, wearing the same dress and with hair styled in the exact same updo! The cake took five weeks to make, and after feeding 500 guests there were still leftovers to bring home!

No matter what unique things you want at your wedding, the most important part is that YOU are happy, and the wedding represents the bride and groom exactly as they want.

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  1. Kristina permalink
    September 23, 2011 8:56 pm

    bridal diapers?! now that is unusual!

  2. October 3, 2011 5:09 pm

    LOVE an illusion neckline. 🙂

    By the way, would you like to exchange blog links with us here at Weddingish? If you’d like to chat further please e-mail me.

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