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Princess for a Day

August 24, 2011

So far this year we have seen two “Royal” Weddings on T.V. The first being the actual Royal Wedding of their Royal Highness  the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge and the other being the Princess of the Kardashian Klan. While William & Kate’s Wedding cost an incredible $60 Million +. The Kardashian Fest cost just over $20 Million! 

Would You Spend $1 Million on your rings?

Honeymoon anywhere in the world you want?




















There has been much speculation about the cost of that these Princesses have spent on their nuptials while the average wedding in the United States is $20,000. But what if you had a never ending budget? Would you still be a bit frugal and watch where every penny goes? Would you limit your extravagances? Or would you fulfill every childhood want and wish you have ever had? Comment & let us know what you would do!

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