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“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them” ~ Walt Disney

July 25, 2011

Growing up we all watched Disney movies and dreamed about finding Prince Charming or dancing the night away at a ball or having a grand adventure. As we got older we put our Disney dreams away for this thing called reality and adulthood, but now you get to dig into your past and relive your childhood a little bit. Disney themed Weddings & Parties are constantly growing in popularity.

Little girls around the world dreamed of their Prince Charming rescuing them and living Happily Ever After in the castle of their dreams. Cinderella Weddings are a classic, fun, and elegant statement. Classic Cinderella Weddings can include everything from your stunning white ball gown to a pumpkin carriage to cake toppers and invitations. Champagne glasses with the castle etched on them are a great item you can keep the rest of your life. Signed, sealed and rolled invitations cordially inviting your guests to the ball are a fun and memorable way to invite guests past the standard mailed invitation. A stunning way to celebrate your Happily Ever After is a castle shaped cake with Cinderella and her Prince Charming gazing out over your guests.


For the Beauty & The Beast lovers out there this movie is ranking a solid second for Disney themed Weddings. The use of bold blues, yellows and golds can bring a room and bridal party together and create a stunning picture, and you get to have a little fun with this one. Be prepared for the comical remarks 🙂 Since there are so many characters in this Disney masterpiece, spice up your table numbers and use characters instead. Centerpieces for this theme are beautiful and simple, a single rose inside a glass dome gives a romantic feel to every table. For the bold bride a wedding gown replicating Bell’s golden ball gown is sure to bring out your inner princess. Imagine tying all of this together in a library as your reception hall.

For an outdoor tented wedding Mulan is a great movie to model your big day after. Japanese lanterns can adorn the edges of the tent while your centerpieces can be soft pink cherry blossoms. Japanese fans as favors are unique and celebrate your romantic theme. Taking pictures with the girls in the bridal party all holding Japanese paper umbrellas will make stunning pictures you will have forever.

While this theme may be a bit more difficult to pull together the end result would be worth the work. The Lion King is one of the most famous and beautiful Disney movies ever created. Imagine a room filled with palms and tons of greenery, black table clothes and napkins tied with safari colored ribbons. A bouquet of bright orange and black tiger lilies is a stunning and unique addition to your Wedding. This theme allows for the use of bold colors and prints and truly lets you bring to life a fun atmosphere.

Whether you choose these classic Disney movies to guide you or you choose a Little Mermaid themed beach wedding or one of the more unique Disney movies such as UP, Fantasia,  Aladdin,Treasure Island, Tarzan, or the red and black Mickey Mouse theme remember to have fun and enjoy!

Lion King DISNEY Wedding Cake Topper LOT Glasses Knife guest book

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