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Unique Facts & How Wedding “Traditions” became “Traditions”

July 6, 2011

Here’s a few interesting wedding facts that have helped develop the wedding as we know it. Its interesting to learn where some of the “traditions” started. Have you ever wondered why the wedding band is worn on your third finger? Who choose white for the dress?  Whats the most popular place to say “I Do”? Well we have your answers and a few more just for fun!

While in Western Society a white wedding dress is worn as a sign of purity in Eastern Society a white wedding dress is very uncommon as white is the color of mourning. Color has more meaning than we knew! In Scotland Green is not worn at weddings as it is considered the color of fairies and is also cinsidered an omen of bad luck. In many countries women who wear any color yellow on her wedding day is said to be stating that she plans to cheat on her husband! Then again in other countries yellow is considered a great color to use for flowers and decorations as its a symbol of friendship and openness.

Graceland Wedding Chapel in L.V.

Beach Wedding in Hawaii

In the United States Las Vegas is considered one of the biggest and best wedding destinations with over 100,000 weddings taking place there each year. Its ranked #1 in the amount of weddings performed. Hawaii is ranked #2 with 25,000 weddings taking place there each year.

The wedding band is said to be worn on the third finger because ancient Egyptians believed the vein in that hand (which the Romans called the “vein of love”) ran directly to the heart. However the Puritans did not wear wedding bands since it was “frivolous” jewelry. How did they tell the married ladies from the single ones then?

Over 74% of first-time brides receive an engagement ring that has at least one diamond. The diamond which was discovered in India over 2,000 years ago is the symbol of pure and eternal love. The Greeks thought diamonds were tears of the gods, and the Romans thought they were splinters from heavenly stars.

Queen Elizabeth & Prince Philips Wedding Cake in 1947

The wedding cake is traditionally a symbol of good luck and fertility and has been a part of wedding celebrations since Roman times, when a small bun, symbolizing fertility, was broken above the bride’s head at the end of the ceremony. In the Middle Ages the Bride & Groom had their first kiss over the cake. Queen Victoria’s cake weighed 300 lbs and was 3 yards wide, she was topped when Queen Elizabeth II has 12 wedding cakes made and the one her and Prince Philip cut was 9 feet tall and weighed in at 500 lbs. I wonder who assembled that!?!







Here’s the last bit of info we have to share today….Some of the top “First Dance” songs in the United States are:

  • The Way You Look Tonight
  • Just the Way You Are
  • Come Away with Me
  • Unforgettable
  • Wonderful Tonight
  • From This Moment On
  • This I Promise You
  • Thank You For Loving Me
  • Don’t Want to Miss a Thing
  • All I Ask of You
  • You’re Still The One
  • Truly Madly Deeply
  • Amazed
  • Angels
  • When You Say Nothing At All
  • Everything I Do (I Do It For You)
  • I Will Always Love You
  • You’re Beautiful
  • Lucky
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