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The Romantic Period.

March 9, 2011


   “I don’t want to live – I want to love first, and live incidentally” – Zelda Fitzgerald

I recently fell into a love affair with the Romantic Period in literature. More accurately, I fell for the allure of an all-encompassing romance, be it Lord Byron, F. Scott Fitzgerald or Charles Bukowski. They have all, quite pathetically, gotten their paws on my heart strings. So, succumbing to girlish cliché I bundled up with a glass of wine (Cabernet Sauvignon of the Yellow Tail variety – as it’s always gentle on the budget and the taste buds) and watched the eye watering lure that is Jonathan Keats in Bright Star. I realize that on our wedding days the same rules of movie romance should not only apply but be a rule of thumb. 

While burying my nose in his biography (somewhere between his meeting Fanny Brawne, getting ill, and longing for her through his window while writing line after impossibly vulnerable line) it dawned on me.  With vows growing slowly duller with every wedding show we watch, we’re all parched for some substance and a more insightful spin on the proverbial “I do.”

 If you’re a stickler for tradition I say keep it. You can still utter the same lines your parents and grandparents while incorporating something fresh into your ceremony. Think about finding your favorite quote – or perhaps several – from a movie, song, or poem and having them displayed on small cards at every seat like a small love note for each guest to find upon arrival. I fully believe in swooning guests into a slow drunken waltz of romance. Think of it as some provocative mental champagne before you pop the corks and let the real stuff flow. Luckily Sex and the City made this easier for us by inspiring, “Love Letters of Great Men,” published by John C. Kirkland. Or you can plant that seed in guests minds before they even arrive by printing your favorite line on your invitations. I find it endearing to have it printed on the envelope instead of the card itself. If you’re willing to spend the extra cash you could place embroidered handkerchiefs into the envelopes, asking guests to bring it with them to the ceremony.

Stitching a small quote onto the wedding parties gifts such as cotton handkerchiefs, gloves, or scarves can leave them with a lasting memento of your wedding. A small saying spread sparing throughout the bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, ceremony or reception will create an infectious mood. If you’re short on time, the simplistic charm of embroidered initials can still create an atmosphere evocative of romantic poets. I recently embroidered my initials and small shamrocks onto a handkerchief for my (very Irish) American boyfriend’s birthday. It was simple, to the point and ridiculously adorable to see it tucked it his back pocket.


(Take any image, print it out and trace the pattern to scarves, gloves, ties or handkerchief to use as a pattern. )

But, lest we forget the gentleman in our lives. Remind him of Odysseus. And how he spent more than a decade getting back to his beloved wife, Penelope. Casting off the advances of Calypso and even resisting the opiatic lotus plant. So, while searching, I stumbled upon some handkerchiefs the groomsmen can don for the ceremony tucked into their pockets and get a good (albeit manly) chuckle at later in night.

Your day should emphasize, to all involved, that they are witnessing nothing less than a Hollywood romance. And it should be filled with all the same glamour of black and white Casablanca lines that resonate in our minds long after the credits roll.

– all the alphabet patterns I got from:
– all the other embroidery patterns I found on this adorable french blog with tons of vintage patterns: . With the exception of the bunnies which I found at, and the mustache hankies which are by Avril Loreti, available at her store at 

*Photos of: Scottie embroidery and Keats biography courtesy of author, Siobhan k. McBride.

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  1. March 10, 2011 8:10 pm

    This is such a cute idea! Love the blog I myself also love the romantic periods in time and think thats a great way to incorporate that into your wedding!

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