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How will the royal wedding affect your big day?

January 21, 2011

By now we all have heard the big news, on April 29, Prince William will marry his long-time girlfriend Katherine Middleton. As the future King and Queen say there I do’s, millions of viewers around the world will watch. Although this is a royal wedding, 3,000 miles or more away, you may think that it will not affect the wedding day you are planning. Well, you are wrong. Every minut detail will be studied, and passed along to the upcoming brides, whether they will be having a royal wedding, or not.

Let’s take a closer look at how the wedding of Prince Charles and Diana affected the world’s weddings. First and most importantly, the dress! As Diana was making her way  into St. Paul’s Cathedral, designers across the globe were in awe of the 25 foot train that followed Diana. The ruffles and poof sleeves set a tone for the entire 80’s, and not just in weddings. The 80’s was a time in which “the bigger, the better” in fashion, and many can argue that this wedding was the cause of that. The small design house of ‘Emmanuel’ suddenly became the most sought-after wedding designer, even though the husband and wife design team never took into account that the dress would be bunched up in carriage ride to the cathedral, and was noticeably wrinkled upon arrival. The dress has gone onto become the world’s most famous dress, and celebrities such as Mariah Carey have made their wedding gowns based off of Diana’s. It had silk, taffeta, lace, sequins, hand-embroidery, and pearls, you name it, it had it. The dress is currently apart of a museum collection being shipped around the world, for everyone to see.

The wedding gown is the most obvious item that will be copied from the upcoming royal nuptials. But don’t forget about the bridesmaids, flowergirls and bouquets. Diana chose to have the bridesmaids wear what seems to be scaled down versions of her dress, and the flower girl’s dress was and even smaller version. Up until the day that Diana married Prince Charles, the trend for bridal bouquets was quite small. Well that all changed in a matter or seconds when the world watched Diana emerge from the horse-drawn carriage, well, after they gotten over the shock from the gown that is. The bouquet (fun facts: there was 3 bouquets made, and 2 wedding gowns) was a staggering 42 inches long and 15 inches wide. Filled with gardenia, orchids, freesia, lily of the valley, and ivy (just to name a few) the bouquet weighed at the most 7 pounds (imagine carrying that around all night!).

There was no way to predict the impact that the wedding between Princess Diana and Prince Charles on the world. But since it has been experienced (and still experienced the impact in some ways) we now have the ability to predict how the beautiful, and fashionable Kate Middleton shall affect the wedding industry for years to come. Now Kate is a very fashion forward young woman. I am sure you have seen the blue dress that Kate wore while announcing the engagement will William, well it took less than 24 hours for that dress to sell out with the designer. Just take a moment to think that if it took that little time for the engagement dress to sell out, how long do you think it will take for her wedding gown?

A few things are certain with this wedding. The impact it has on weddings for the next decade will be unfounded. Luckily for us, Kate prefers more modern clothing and her wedding dress is likely going to reflect that. Even though Diana’s gown was gorgeous at the time, we have already been through the eighty’s and don’t need to go back. Another thing that will affect future brides, although not fashionably, is the royal wedding is breaking with traditions. Kate will be arriving by car, instead of the customary horse-drawn carriage (which has been used for royal weddings since 1911). The bride and groom are also cutting down the guest list. They are not inviting the usual heads of state, and government figures. While Diana and Charles had a guest count of 3,5000, while Kate and Wills will only have, at most 300 guests. One thing is for certain, this is an event you won’t want to miss.

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  1. March 10, 2011 8:13 pm

    I am soooo exited for this day!! Girls, brides or not, all over the world will be watching this wedding dreaming of being a Princess, and will be left wanting to feel that way at their wedding!! I cannot wait to see what she will be wearing and how the royalty and romance of the beauty of the country and lifestyle will be incorporated into this wedding!! cant wait!!


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