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How Sinfully Sweet it is!

December 19, 2010

One of the hottest trends is weddings is having a candy buffet featured for guests. One woman, Karin Hlywiak, has taken the candy buffet out of the reception and is bringing it to your next event.

What child doesn’t like candy? Well, none that I know of. Can you imagine the look on your child’s face as s/he enters their birthday party and notice a large table filled with candy of all kinds and colors? The look of excitement may just rival that of the gifts they will be opening at the party. You can have the candy buffets styled to fit into whatever theme of the party that you have. If you are having a Sesame Street party for a toddler, your can have a rainbow of colors for the candy. Is your little princess having a party? Whether it’s for a child or a sweet sixteen year-old, they can have the princessy-pink candy buffet of their dreams.

No birthdays coming up? No problem! These candy buffets will be great for high school dances,or prom. This is the perfect way to sugar up the teenagers so they dance until curfew, and the buffets may just keep them from sneaking out and getting in trouble (hopefully). Not to forget about the adults, this would be a great treat for the parents/family/friends of the graduating class (many parents may need a bit of sugar sympathy as they watch their children become adults…scary thoughts!)

Are you in charge of your office’s holiday party? You can hit a home run with your boss just by satisfying his/her sweet tooth. For the holidays the candy buffet can full of reds and greens. You can even have a cookie buffet that will make Santa jealous. If your office is more politically correct then stick with winterland white theme that is sure not to offend anyone.

For the couple whom is celebrating a milestone anniversary, a buffet that reflects the candy of the past will sure to please them and any other sentimental sweet toothes in attendance. Their buffet can be loaded with candy cigarettes, candy buttons, bubble gum cigars, Necco wafers, Moonpies, PopRocks, Now and Laters, etc.

I think you get the idea that a Sinfully Sweet candy buffet will be a wonderful touch to any event from a wedding to dances to parties and even dance recitals. The possibilities are endless, and the props can be customized to fit any event. Just get creative! If you aren’t that creative of person, don’t worry Sinfully Sweet can do that to! Don’t worry, they have everything from cupcakes to cookies, to all of your favorite candies, and even some chocolate fountains. If you love chocolate but it doesn’t fit into your color scheme, do not fret, white chocolate with a few drops of food color will match any decor you have dreamt up. If you are more of an independent person, and want to do it all on your own, that’s fine too. However, you may need some supplies or guidance. Either way you can contact Karin Hlywiak ( or just visit the website No matter what you do, your guests will enjoy the effort and thought that was put into this wonderful idea!

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