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Getting Your Wedding Pitch Perfect-Break it down!

December 5, 2010

When you are planning your wedding, researching everything from the venue to the linens it can be a handful. Let’s face it, even though it can be a bit rough the process is worth it, and can still be enjoyable.

From basic organization, to ways to narrow down what is out there, to actually finding the right elements for you- there are ways to make the process that much easier.

Break Things Down

manosIf you have a list of ‘To-Do’s’ for your wedding, breaking them down in smaller pieces can make it seem far less intimidating. For instance, a ‘Find Cake’ item, can be broken down by listing local bakeries and a reminder to look at examples from their websites (or elsewhere), then further broken down into the phone calls, appointment making, and so on.

Find Out What Works For You

Find out ahead of time what colors, elements, and themes you may want. You don’t have to stick to them completely, but having a general idea about certain things may be able to help you find what may be a good match for your wedding quicker. You can even use websites like Colour Lovers to find some ideas about colors and themes.

(Image Via: Colour Lovers)

Think About Themes

If there is a certain theme, or style that would be perfect for your wedding, find ways to incorporate those. Even if the theme is something simple  like a color scheme, or more in depth (a Twilight Wedding, for instance) there can be limitless ways to incorporate it into your wedding.

Listing out the items that may be reminiscent of your theme including patterns, items, and colors that may make one think of it (this is also a great time to get with some friends and family for some brainstorming).

When in Doubt, Take a Moment

Even with all the inspiration in the world, it’s possible to still get stuck. If you are feeling frustrated, or just completely unsure- take a breather. Sometimes, just a few moments (or even a night out) can help you to thing and feel a bit better about the process.


Finding all those little elements to suit your style and your wedding can be a breeze, especially when you have some things already thought out, as with the above tips. When you are ready to move on the actual process of finding and getting the details set up and in place, there are more ways to make it a bit easier.

Here’s How to find those little elements:


No matter if you are a traditionalist or thinking very uniquely, finding linens can seem intimidating. Websites like Wedding Linens can show you the vast amount of options out there (and help you find them) from the comfort of your couch. With your theme in mind, you can narrow the options to find the colors and styles that suit you.

The Cake

Either by visiting local bakeries (most have portfolios of their work) or looking online, you can get an idea of what is readily available and the styles of the bakeries near you. At times, one bakery may not be able to create the perfect cake but, another could. So, don’t be afraid to come right out and ask.

Another piece of advice for the cake? Don’t be nervous to find a ‘freelancer’. Sometimes the most amazing cakes are created by those who make cakes on the side. Search out reviews and articles online to find a great one!

Invites, Favors, and More

Finding those little extras is another great time to look into local artisans.  Many artists and styles can be readily available in almost any area. Look into reviews, and local crafting groups to find one that you may be interested in working with. While, there are also a wealth of professionals in this area, you can narrow them down by looking into what they have online. If you are looking for custom work, find out early if they can provide what you are looking for.


Finding a directory for photographers can be relatively easy, but finding that perfect photographer can be a bit harder with all the talent out there. If you are working with a wedding planner, find out who they have worked with before and work from there. If you are going it alone, you can find a local directory of wedding photographers by a quick search and narrowing them down from their websites. While, it may seem a bit odd- Google can be your best friend. It automatically detects your location so when

you search for a business type, it will instantly give you local results.

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