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Theme Weddings: Part I Planning around the Holiday, Or Better Yet, On the Holiday

November 8, 2010

Whether you love a particular holiday or you’re just trying to pick an easy date so your honey will never forget an anniversary, planning a wedding on or near a holiday can help your budget tremendously.  So let’s take a look at some traditional and not so traditional wedding dates:

One of the most playful holidays is right around the corner.  Halloween packs all the best festivities in one;  food, color, drama, fun and depending on what you deem romantic, maybe a little of that too.  Not only is autumn a comfortable temperature for an event but the foliage is an unmatched backdrop to any portraits on your wedding day.Invite your guests to dress the part.  The best way to make your wedding feel like your theme is to have your guests participate.  If you’re trying to keep it classy provide your guests with masks at the door for a masquerade in the ballroom.











Add touches of yellow, orange and black; signature colors for All Hollows Eve.


Pumpkins! Pumpkins! Pumpkins!  How could you celebrate without including a Jack O Lantern! Use them as centerpieces surrounding floral arrangements, escort card caddies or piled on top of haystacks to mark your aisle.

Send your guests off with Trick or Treat goody bags.  A new tradition seen at many weddings is a candy bar, regardless of the time of year.  Limit your candies to Halloween staples and leave decorative bags for the goodies to be taken home in.


Right around the corner is Oktoberfest!  So, take out your lederhosen and beer steins.  Oktoberfest flourished as a holiday in 1835 to celebrate the marriage of King Ludwig I and Therese of Bavaria.  A parade took place with the people of Bavaria dressed in traditional garb who marched through Munich to the Oktoberfest.  It was at the festival that games, prizes, food and drink were available to the 8,000 people.  And so since Oktoberfest actually got its start as a wedding celebration why not keep tradition going.  Oktoberfest occurs during the first half of October, which is a fine time to celebrate outdoors.

If you’re feeling less brave but want to honor your German heritage, why not throw an Oktoberfest themed rehearsal dinner.  An alternative to a sit down rehearsal dinner could add a whimsical and cost effective option for your celebration.  Serve potato pancakes, pierogis, kielbasa and other traditional fare; even in paper food baskets.Barbecue, beer, and games make for a perfect combination of first introductions and a fun evening to distress before the big day.


New Years Eve can be a classy holiday all on its own; black tie affairs, black and white color schemes, confetti, and kisses at midnight.  Book your ballroom affair way in advance as it could be a popular night to celebrate.  To plan a sleek New Years Eve Wedding, stick to sophisticated color combination’s like silver and gold or black and white.  If you can’t afford fireworks for 1,000 dollars a minute settle for confetti for you and your guests.  Don’t forget everyone will be celebrating the new year so don’t cut the party short.  Give your guests hats and blow horns; you could personalize them to double as wedding favors.


With Valentine’s Day already being about love you can take advantage of all the candy at wholesale price.   Roses, rose petals, heart shapes, red, pink, and white remind us all of the hallmark holiday we’ve come to love.


If your significant other pops the question just before Valentine’s Day and you are considering an engagement party, think pink!  Handcraft your invitations like these adorable vintage Valentine’s Day cards.

You can print the images for free here

and send them out as postcards or decorate your get together with these sentimental illustrations.  Candy hearts and chocolate covered strawberries will complement each other with their sweet and sexy resemblance.


With just about a year left to plan for an Independence Day wedding you’ll  have more than enough time to search through the Oriental Trading Magazine and buy up all red, white, and blue themed items.

Choose a venue that is within viewing distance of a fireworks show.  You and your guests can enjoy the display during your reception.  Have quilts or sheets handy for guests to drape over the lawn and sit for the fireworks; don’t worry about mismatched colors or fabrics, the authentic look will capture the homespun vibe you may be hoping to create.  Hand your guests sparklers for a picturesque farewell or in place of a rice throwing tradition.  Serve lemonade in mason jars with paper straws under strings lights for the feel of a country fair.

Play with the all American holiday to suit your style.  Match blue bridesmaids with red shoes, serve your plated dinner on a color coordinated table setting.

Whichever holiday speaks to your personality, use it to your benefit.  Remember, if you are planning your wedding to coincide with a holiday get your save the dates ready to go first.

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  1. November 28, 2010 4:25 am

    Oh! Love the jars of M&M’s – lovely photo AND lovely idea.

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