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Trying to find the perfect way to Collect your Money?Find the Perfect “Money Box” for your Wedding!

October 28, 2010

For centuries, the typical wedding gift was money. The family of the bride would give a dowry, which would mainly consist of money. As the years pass the wedding gifts changed and people began to give household appliances. This was mainly because the bride and groom didn’t live together and after they were married they would head to an empty home to begin their lives. In this day and age, the majority of brides and grooms not only live together, but have for some time. So now the need of household appliances and become obsolete. Many couples prefer money. This way they can have money to spend on their honeymoon, help pay off the balance of what the wedding costs, or to add to their down-payment on a home to begin their family with.

If you are the kind of bride who is making sure all the attention is on her, then the wedding box that looks like a wedding gown is probably more up your alley. The money-box to the right would fit well with a bride that is fashion forward. By choosing a money-box like this one, aspects of the bride’s personality (or groom if he is into fashion) are shown, and the guests are sure  not to forget.

On the wedding day many couples are now celebrating more than just their love for each other, they are also celebrating the new life they will soon be bringing into the world. In the case of a pregnant bride, the money-box may come in more handy to the couple than others. They may use the money they get from the wedding to do many things like start a college fund, or to buy the items that they didn’t receive during the baby shower. Like I said, there are money boxes for EVERY type of wedding, and you guessed it, there is one for the expecting couple too!

As you can see, there are many choices for money boxes, I haven’t even begun to touch on all the different types. Keep in mind, you can make your own. Find some pretty wrapping paper, or even a nice wallpaper would do. Then you get a few boxes of different sized and wrap the boxes like a gift, make sure you do this very neatly or else you won’t like the finished product. Your so close to being done! Next you cut the bottoms and the tops so that when someone puts an envelope in it will fall to the bottom. The next and final step is to glue the boxes together. If you choose to, you can add another step and put some ribbon on the boxes. Another cute idea is to hit up your local craft store and have a look in the scrapbook section. There are always plenty of wedding related choices for scrapbooks and they will glam up your money-box in no time. Plus if you are a scrapbooker, you can use the items on the money-box later when you make a book for the wedding. Some brides may want to make the money-box look like the wedding cake. Now this is a nice idea, however, do you want to run the risk of someone mistaking the cake for the box? I don’t think any bride would appreciate their guests trying to cut the cake with their card!
Now that you have plenty of ideas for the money-box itself, the next question is what to do with it. Personally, I think it should belong on the table with the presents. I understand that with a big wedding, it may be hard to trust that the guest won’t be bringing a date that will steal any of the money (hopefully, you can fully trust all the guests). There is also the factor that there will be many people working at the wedding. In a perfect world, no  couple will to worry about any money being stolen, but lets face it, this isn’t a perfect world. There is also another choice for a money-box” (yes, I said another choice…). Choose someone in which you can fully trust whether it be a parent, of party of the wedding party, or a friend in attendance. This person can hold a money bag. This is one option for the couple that want to play on the safe side and make sure they leave with the intended gifts. One thing to keep in mind is how much partying the person with the money bag will be doing. It is fairly safe to say that the majority of the bridesmaids and groomsmen do about as much, if not more, drinking, dancing and etc. than the bride and groom. So unless you have a pregnant bridesmaid, or a sober groomsman, your best bet is choose someone other than the wedding party to carry the money bag.

This box can be engraved with the couples name and wedding date.

For the couples that want to keep the money-box (and not use a bag), it would be a good idea to leave it on the table with the presents, but after the guests have arrived and placed the presents/cards on the table, take the money box and put it somewhere safe (preferably locked). There are money boxes that have locks on them. This is another way to feel secure but also fashionable. One idea for a box like the one on the right, is to intrust it with a close friend or family member. They may keep it in a safe spot and they will be the only person at the wedding with the key (keep a copy of the key at home, or in a safe place away from the venue).

There are couple of  big no-no’s for the keeper of the box. First, your wedding planner shouldn’t be the person in charge of its safe-gaurding.  Secondly, no matter how much you trust the venue, the matre’de should not be involved with the gifts from your guests. The venue may be trustworthy, but the temptation may prove to be too much for the employees.  This is one of the most important days of your life, don’t give anyone the chance to put a damper on it. Just make sure that whomever you pick to be in charge is someone you trust and is responsible to take the key or box or bag or whatever you choose that suits you best, so you can have a great time at your wedding!

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