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A Walk on the Exotic Side

October 24, 2010

If the typical church ceremony and reception doesn’t quite fit into your vision for the big day, but don’t know what to do instead, just keep reading cause I have done all the research for you about exotic Moroccan weddings. Are you a daring bride? Then jump right into planning and go all out. Are you looking just to spice up your wedding day while making sure to keep all the American traditions alive? Then take the  ideas that you love the best and put your own spin on them. Whatever you do, enjoy the planning of your exotic inspired wedding.     

a henna inspired invitation

How much more exotic can you get with these invitations?

Start your guests off on the right foot by having invites such as these gorgeous ones. The weeks leading up to your wedding your guests will be so anxious for the day because they know this wedding is one in a million.     

A traditional Moroccan wedding can last 7 days and have many celebrations prior to the actual ceremony. Many brides can not afford to have the extravagant wedding that was traditional. So take one or two of the events to incorporate into your wedding celebration (no matter how many days it may last).     

A relaxing milk bath

Here are some bridesmaids showing off their henna

Beautiful henna

Typically  5 days before the wedding the elder women (supervised by the bride’s attendants) give the bride a milk bath. This can be one of the traditions that you can change a bit to fit to suit your personality. For instance, take your mother, sisters and soon to be in-laws, etc. to a spa. Or you can have a relaxing milk bath at home, by yourself to de-stress before the day.  After the bath, the women darken the brides eyes with kohl (it ends up looking like thick eyeliner) and they dress their bride in an elaborate kaftan (a wedding dress, check out the picture at the bottom) and plenty of jewelry.  Next comes the ceremony in which all the women are painted with henna, the bride’s being the most intricate. Sometimes the groom’s name is hidden within the henna. As the henna is being applied, the elder women talk about the secrets of marriage. This ceremony is called beberiska. The bride is not expected to do any housework until the henna has faded (how great is that?). This is one event that can be fun and inexpensive. In lu of a typical bachelorette party with the inevitable stop and a raunchy strip club, have the bridesmaids through a henna party. This may even save them money because all they will have to do is hire someone to do the henna and bring some food and drinks to enjoy while being pampered.     

Who wants a limo when you can be carried in?

On the day of the wedding the bride and groom will leave their separate sleeping places. They both have a parade of friends and family (and some animals), as they walk to the site of the ceremony. For some men, they want ride to the wedding on the largest animal they can get ahold of (elephants, camels, horses, etc…). The guests and the  bridal parties don’t just walk quietly, they sing, play instruments and dance their way down the streets. Then instead of having the father of the bride walk her down the aisle, the bride makes an even larger entrance by being carried down the aisle.     

This is a wedding kaftan (dress)

Now as far as the reception goes, the more food the better! This is one aspect of Moroccan weddings that budget isn’t an issue. Typically there are a lot of unexpected guests that will show up, so the families always plan on feeding more people than were invited.  The more elaborate the ceremony and reception the better. One thing that will be  hard to pull of for a Moroccan themed wedding will be a subtle color pallet. The brighter and more vibrant colors will make your wedding feel more exotic.  The word elaborate is a perfect way to describe Moroccan. The bride wears the most elaborate wedding jewelery and vail that she can find. The beading on her dress can take months to do.     

Some wonderful examples of how to make your wedding more exotic

The thing to keep in mind is to have fun and all your work will look effortless. Take the things you like and make them your own and you are bound to have a unforgetable day!

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