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Wedding Trends To Fall in Love With

September 17, 2010

If you are one to fall in style-love based on upcoming trends or not, recent moves in ideas and styles for wedding has something for everyone. From ways to incorporate sugary sweet colors, romantic grace, and retro chic style the upcoming wedding trends are both inspiring and downright exciting.

With so much attention paid to eco-friendly goods and services, it’s not too much of a personalized-plantable-celebration-seed-card-favor-500surprise that many are looking for ways to make their weddings a bit more Earth friendly as well. By reusing, or even re-purposing items that were already owned by the families or even going to a local thrift store for small parts you can really cut down on waste and increase the green.

The green trend has also moved into gifts and invites too. Many companies are now selling seed packets that double as invitations or favors. The invites pictured are from and are fully biodegradable, with herb seeds inside the paper. The recipient simply plants your invitation and soon they will have some yummy herbs for recipes.

drew-barrymore-closeup-de-6191312 Retro and vintage chic are always in  style, and this year is no different, in fact it is hotter than ever. Adding special touches and certain fun elements can make an occasion all the more personal and fun. Anything from retro signs to incorporating pieces of childhood memories can add in a more personal touch to any wedding. Many are even incorporating childhood candy favorites as a special treat to guests. With the bright colors and interesting looks of the candies, it can be a way to brighten things up.

The trend is moving into wedding gowns as well. Finding them with colorful embellishment and flirty, romantic styles is easier than ever. There is a move towards the elegant and comfortable being seen now with birdcage veils and long and full romantic gowns. With as many others opting for shorter wedding dresses in more comfortable fabrics and cuts. It is a matter of personal taste and what the bride is looking for, and of course what kind of even the couple is intending. (Photo: Harper’s Bazaar)

When it comes to remembering the happiest day of your life, fun and unique approaches to wedding photos and videos are coming up with some very fun ideas. grp_edr_centerpiece_feb08The latest is aiming for more candid images of the couple, with a fresh take on what many are seeing as a more traditional photography. ‘Catching’ the couple as they get ready and go about their wedding day is the biggest thing to hit wedding photography in a while. The nature of the more candid shot creates and lighter feeling image with an often funny and fun look. The main goal is to capture both the day, and the personality of the couple as well.

(Image via:

Finding personal elements for a wedding can be a blast. The personalization that is getting more popular is wide ranging from light and sweet to elegant and very dressed up. The only thing it all depends on is the couple and what they want, be it an elegant or lighthearted day.

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