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Remembering Loved Ones in Your Wedding

September 17, 2010


Weddings are a happy and exciting time for families, and finding ways to honor the memory of those who have passed on, and  the line between memories and the happy event can be tough to navigate.

When a loved one has passed on, finding a delicate way to remember them without effecting the overall feel of your wedding can be a difficult prospect. With some careful navigation and these simple tips, you can still keep your wedding happy, and remember loved ones that have passed on.

Navigating the emotional aspects can be difficult, even for the strongest among us. While a loved one’s death is a hard time people understandably want to still acknowledge them in their ceremonies, while keeping the overall mood bright and happy.

Set up a special table for those who have passed on with a special floral arrangement and cards with the names of loved ones.

  • The card can simply read “In memory of those who have passed on” or be more specific and list names and relationships.
  • You can also opt to have separate cards for each deceased person if you find it works best.
  • This setup is ideal for many due to it’s respectful nature, in addition it allows the family to remember someone without sadness.
  • The items you use can be either incorporated into your wedding itself, or set up in memory of your loved one on an otherwise empty table.

Using personal items that remind you of your loved ones (or items that belonged to the loved one).

  • These mementos can have a special place in your wedding, either by having them on a special table, or working them into the ceremony itself.
  • Anything from clothing to photographs can work very well.
  • Many opt to display happy photos of their loved ones with names mentioned in the programs as well.

While mementos and photos are a wonderful option, if they aren’t for you another approach would be have a pre or post wedding reading of passages or poetry dedicated to you loved one.

This can be a good option for those who fear they (or other family) may be too emotional over the loss of their loved one, this can give time for people to remember their loved ones and experience the emotions before or after their ceremony. Even something as simple as wearing a scarf or jewelry from someone who has passed can honor their memory.

Even if you are worried about being emotional, honoring the memory of loved ones that have passed on can be worked into your wedding in a tasteful way. While it can be a hard road to cross, it is worthwhile.  The goal it to find the way that will work for you.

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