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Finding the perfect dress, even if your not the perfect size

September 3, 2010

There is no need to get upset while looking for the perfect dress

Every bride deserves to look and feel like the most beautiful woman on her wedding day. For the 1/2 of the women in America that are a size 14 or higher, looking for a wedding dress can be a daunting task, especially when the majority of sample dresses are a size 8! Imagine standing in front of a mirror with friends and family watching your every move as you squint and try to imagine what the dress will look like on you if it were in your size, this can not be a great feeling, and will bring many strong women to tears. Luckily for these women, times are changing. There are some boutiques that cater solely to plus size brides, and the rest are starting to order sample gowns that will fit the average woman.         

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The first thing you want to do as a plus size bride is decide what is your favorite part of your body. If you have great cleavage, and want everyone to notice your face and how radiant you are,  you definitely want to go with something that has a v-neck. Scoop necks are also wonderful to full-figured gals, they both bring the eye up and away from problem areas. The dress above is a perfect example. Notice how your eye is drawn to her face and it gives her wonderful structure and flaunts her curves. Halter tops and sweetheart necklines are also wonderful choices.         

courtesy of Kellan J Bridal


The dress above demonstrates why an empire waist is a wonderful choice for a full-figured bride. The dress’ smallest part is directly under the bust and from there the dress flows past her mid-section and gives her a wonderful shape. Empire waisted dresses will work for any type of weddings, from black tie to beachy. You will be able to move and dance the night away and be able to breathe while doing it.         

One thing that many full-figured brides want to cover is their arms. No one wants to be dancing the night away and not feel comfortable with lifting your arms because of “the jiggle”. Sleeves on a bridal gown are not only hard to find (most dresses are strapless) but the sleeves themselves may look outdated and for plus size gals they can be hard to pull of. Puffy sleeves or sleeves with a medieval flare may look nice in pictures but they are incredibly hard to pull off. They give the illusion that the bride has more hidden under the fabric then is really there.  If you insist on wearing sleeves, lace ones look great. Just keep them fitted. This way you will have the illusion of slimmer arms, and as a plus you can concentrate on other things besides keeping your sleeves out of drinks and away from candles.  
 A definite no-no for most gals is a tea length dress. They make you look shorter and heavier. I know, I know, they are cute and are perfect for a non-formal wedding. However, there are other dresses that you can find that will having you looking your best. The dress to the right is a great informal dress and it is not a tea length.

  Many designers have “seen the light” and have realized that they are excluding half of the women in the country by not offering larger sizes. So they have finally done the smart thing and have created collections that are made for the larger bride. Some of the designers are: Alfred Angelo, Mon Cheri, Faviana (celebrity wedding planner David Tuttera has designed a line of dresses that include plus sizes with Faviana), Emme Bridal, and many more. The end all and be all of stores that sell bridal gowns in NY is Kleinfelds. They say they have thousands of dresses, and not to mention the many specialists that work at Kleinfelds, are trained in helping all brides, of all sizes and shapes find the perfect dress. Some other boutiques in New York that carry plus size gowns are: The Bridal Store in Long Island, Faviana (they have stores throughout New York), and The Bridal Shop in Mamaronek, NY. Some advice, remember not to get upset, all brides of matter what size have difficult times looking for the perfect dress, make sure you do some research and make some phone calls before you head to the stores.

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  1. September 15, 2010 4:54 am

    This is a fantastic post!!! Being a plus size gal myself, its nice to know that there are places that are dedicated to making you feel just as beautiful as the “skinny” chick!

  2. Danielle permalink
    September 24, 2010 4:40 pm

    I def. wouldn’t consider plus size over an 8. But I def. feel not being able to find a dress!!! I can only imagine what its going to be like finding a wedding dress! I’m so happy designers have come around and notice that all of us are not skinny minies. Its so sad watching “Say Yes to the Dress” at Kleinfelds and seeing those bigger brides get frusterated cause they can’t find their perfect dress!!

  3. December 3, 2010 9:12 am

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