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Strange Wedding Customs

August 21, 2010

Wedding rituals vary a surprisingly large amount by country, and when thinking of their own many brides may become covered in sweat.  While in the United States we are faced with something old, something new, and of course that something blue.. Others really aren’t so lucky.

Blackening The Bride:

612851312_1ddc6aab621Blackening the Bride: Flikr

You spend all day making sure you look perfect, only to find yourself covered in leftover food, drinks, and anything else your guests to throw into a pot.  While it does sound gross, it’s a common tradition in Scotland where a bride is covered in anything the guests can throw together (commonly eggs, sauces, and a whole manner of questionable other things are thrown together and then dumped onto a bride).  To add more to this interesting tradition, the newly ‘blackened’ bride is then paraded around town.

Bride and Groom- Lumberjacks?

cut1Log Sawing: National Media

In some parts of Germany there is a tradition that required the bride and groom to saw a log in half, and it is said to represent how the years of marriage will go. While it does sound a bit odd, it does make some sense- if they are a great team while sawing they should be a good team in marriage.

Clanging Pots and Pans

Image: iVilliage

Chiverie is a French wedding night ritual.  Guests sneak into recently married couple’s home and attempt to disrupt any ‘celebration’ by making all the noise they can using pots, pans, instruments and anything else they are able to get their hands on.  To top it off, the couple are then supposed to serve refreshments to those who created the noise.  While at one point the custom was intended as a humiliation, it is not just done in good fun.

Capture the Groom’s Shoes

Groom’s Shoes: Flikr

In India the groom takes off his shoes before being married.  The guests then make attempts (at times, outrageous attempts) to steal or protect his shoes.  On one side is the groom’s own family who attempts to protect the footwear, on the other is the brides family who attempts to steal them. Depending on which side prevails, that will be the one who rules the household during the marriage.

While there are many cultural elements to weddings, you don’t often see the above in the United States.  They are an interesting take, all steeped in a lot of tradition, that can add in some ‘interesting’ elements to a wedding.  Then again, the US isn’t a stranger to it’s own interesting customs with strange traditions behind it either.

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  1. August 21, 2010 10:31 pm


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  2. August 27, 2010 4:00 am

    Blackening the bride – too funny, and scary! I don’t see that Scottish tradition making it over to the United States ANY time soon!

  3. Danielle permalink
    September 24, 2010 4:43 pm

    Wow I am so glad I’m not getting married in Scotland. And stealing his shoes…I’m good why do I want your stinky shoes!!! Yuck!!!

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