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Wedding Montages and More!

July 28, 2010

Photo Credits: eugene

While the digital cameras of friends and family can capture impromptu moments of the wedding and reception, many brides (and grooms) also memorialize the celebration with a professionally-made video montage.

A video montage takes professionally captured moments (photos and video) and enhances them with editing, special effects, and your choice of music.

An Example from Cinderella4aday’s very own John Tornello

Cinderella4aday was proud to be a part of Danielle and Erik’s 70’s themed wedding earlier this month! Their video montage shows how the day’s mood and special details (the groom’s platforms, for example!) are kept truly alive with footage the family can treasure.

Along with a montage for the wedding and reception, a bride can also have one for her bridal shower or engagement party.

Some Fun Ideas for Your Video Montage

Quirky Use of Photos

Animated title sequences, which use photo cutouts of the bride and groom’s faces and put them on animated bodies, can be great fun to watch.  Some professionals can even animate intact photos to sing along to chosen songs, adding unique and entertaining touches to the video montage.

Biography Style

This one is really fun and unique — a video of the couple in the format of a biographical show.  This particular example uses celebrity interviews and looks like it would definitely be a big hit:

Making a “Save the Date” Movie

A “Save the Date” is traditionally a card or magnet sent to make sure your guests will be able to attend your wedding.  Some creative couples are choosing to inform their relatives with a video.  Some go the epic route, as Jeff and Erin Wong famously did:

Others have done cute, romantic, or funny save the date videos — there’s no limit to how creative a couple can get, and the results are always memorable.

Video Guest Books

This is an idea I absolutely love — having a booth set up to capture video of your guests.  It creates a live action guest book you can watch over and over, and allows spoken personal messages from guests the couple may not have gotten to spend much time with during the reception.

Other Ideas?

Have you heard of other exciting ways to use video from (or at) your wedding? Share it below!

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