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One for the fellas!

July 10, 2010

Photo credits: Florian Seiffert

The wedding day is traditionally all about the bride, with the main duty of the groom being simply to show up.   This isn’t fair to either half of the couple, since she gets the lion’s share of the work and he can end up as a supporting player at his own wedding.  These days, the duties and the glory are becoming more shared as more and more men are ready to have a say in the planning and get into the action.  Here are some ideas for the boys!

Before the Wedding, plan a Groom’s Day Out!

Your fiance has put up with your bride-to-be moods and stresses, so he deserves some attention! A lot of grooms are opting for a groom’s day out in place of, or along with, the traditional bachelor party.  This day can center around the groom’s favorite hobbies (e.g., bowling fishing, jet-skiing), and he gets a day to relax and have fun with his friends.  If the groom’s day out is planned on the same day as the bachelorette festivities, everyone can meet up in the evening!

Photo credits: TN Something Special Cakes

Try a Groom’s Cake!

A Groom’s Cake is a Southern tradition, but why not try it wherever you live? A Groom’s Cake is a cake (or any other baked good!) made to celebrate the groom — his favorite sports team, his college, his career, his hobbies, etc.

Macho Wedding Favors!

Men like things they can use, so consider multi tools, keychain screwdrivers, anything edible (one man came up with the idea of ingredients for s’mores in a bag tied to a stick), or heavy, masculine pens (e.g., the Parker Jotter click ballpoint).

Cigar fans can also hire a cigar roller for their event! Photo credits: eekim

A Mobile Cigar Lounge!

Many men (and some women) like to celebrate with a cigar — but some guests/venues might not appreciate it!  This is why the mobile cigar lounge came to be.  It can be brought to your event and cigar smokers can celebrate as much as they want in real style, without disturbing the non-smokers!

Don’t Worry About Flowers — Unless You Want to!

Modern grooms want to help, but can be overwhelmed when asked for opinions on flowers, decorations, etc.  They do, however, want to help — so give your man responsibilities in an area he cares about.  Honeymoon planning, photography, DJ, transportation, and budgeting are parts of the wedding planning that men are more likely to enjoy, so try to give him duties that he’ll be enthusiastic about!


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  1. Danielle permalink
    July 15, 2010 3:01 pm

    I absolutly love the idea of a guys day out before the wedding. Some of my very close guy friends have done this in the past and they have so many great memories as opposed to just the traditional night out drinking with the guys. Some other ideas for a guys day out can be going to a trapeze school which is down on chelsea piers or for you folks in the Hudson Valley there is one right in New Paltz. Another great day I heard about was going up to Hunter Mountain and doing their ropes course and mini roller coaster in the summer or going skiing or snowboarding in the winter. I think it’s so important the guy has a great wedding experience. The day isn’t just about the bride (even though ladies like to think that 🙂 So go enjoy your wedding planning experience guys, the day is about you too!!

  2. July 23, 2010 11:38 am

    I love the idea of the groom being involved in the wedding beyond just saying “whatever you want sweety” and things of that sort. Golfing is a great thing to do for a guys day and just about every city/town has a golf course (and it doesn’t matter if they suck, they will have a great time). The mobal cigar lounge is awesome, it will have all the male guests (and some female) talking about the wedding for a long time!

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