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Fabulous DIY Inspiration and Tips for Your Wedding

July 7, 2010

Creating a special center piece, invitations, or anything else is a great way to make your wedding that much more personal for you and your guests.  It can be intimidating to look around at the huge amount of ideas you can find online.

Even if you don’t have a huge budget, you can still find some savvy (and stylish) ideas to use for your wedding.  A do it yourself project can be fun and flirty, or graceful and elegant.  Sure, most tend to think of glue guns and doilies- but the do it yourself trend is huge (and glue guns aren’t always necessary). If you are new to the DIY scene, don’t fear- the projects listed here are easy as can be.

You can even use creating the below as a great excuse to have a glass of wine with your friends while building them (not that you should need an excuse).

DIY (Or Not) Books


Instead of the typical save the date card or magnets, using a fun (and really pretty book).  While the one in the image is a fun flip book, you can really get creative and include images of you and your soon-to-be and a simple tale of how you met and got to where you are today. This project could be used for a few different things, from invitations to gifts.

All you need is a few sheets of paper folding in half and a printer to print out the images. Or, if you love the look but don’t want to make it, you can also order some mini books through


Custom labels are a great way to add in some simple custom flair to your wedding.  They don’t have to be wine bottles, anything from candy to the cake in some cases have been spotted with the fabulous custom labels.  They are easy and quick to make, and many companies will sell blank versions of bottles or other goods for even easier customizations.

To make them all you need is a printer and some sticker paper.

For those who don’t want to DIY: You can find custom bottles of wine, or just labels.

‘Martini’ Candles

gelcandles3Release your inner Carrie Bradshaw with these fabulous ‘Martini’ gel candles.  They would make really fun wedding favors (and as a bonus, the glasses can be found in party stores for next to nothing).  The gel can easily be found in most craft supply stores as well, the finished look as you can see is fantastic.  It’s a favor that is all but guaranteed to be loved, and is a very fun idea overall.

Wedding Themed Origami

il_430xN.33629543While most would readily admit that cooties aren’t really what they want associated with their weddings, that thought can be quickly forgiven when you check out these gorgeous updates on the kiddy classic.  The classy update can be either made, or ordered online.

Image & Project Credits:

Wine Bottle DIY Project: Martha Stewart Weddings

Save the Date: Martha Stewart Weddings

Martini Candles

Wedding Origami

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