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Are Silk Flowers Really A Faux-Pas?

June 12, 2010

Silk or fresh? A secret only the blushing bride and her checkbook will know!

 So you’re planning a wedding on a tight budget and somebody suggests using silk flowers in place of real flowers for your ceremony.  You cringe as your mind recaptures images of artificial flowers from your youth.  You silently vow to yourself that there will be no bright yellow plastic daffodils adorned with a fuzzy ladybug and fake dew drops at your wedding! 

However, silk flowers have come a long way and may just be something worth researching for your special day.  Not only are they cost-effective, (only about $30 for a silk rose bridal bouquet as opposed to around $150+ for a fresh rose bouquet) they are also very attractive in person.  They will make for great pictures and also will not fall apart or get any pollen or petal stains on your dress!  When you are depending on fresh flowers for your wedding day you will have cost fluctuations depending on the season and availability of the flower.  You may also have to compromise on what you get depending on your budget.

No bride could deny the beauty of this silk arrangement!

With silk flowers, you have the luxury of paying a set price for a specific flower no matter the season or how rare it is.   

An example of a huge price difference is orchids.  For a 10 inch hand tied bridal bouquet of fresh orchids you can expect to pay at least $200.  A 10 inch hand tied bridal bouquet of orchids will only cost you around $50.  The savings is incomparable.  Or if you are a traditional gal who is set on only carrying a fresh bouquet, you could consider getting fresh bouquets for the bridal party but silk arrangements for the church. 


Allergy sufferers can still carry the bouquet of their dreams!

You could have your personal bridal bouquet be fresh but have your toss-away bouquet be silk.  There are even combination bouquets where the florist can add in silk accents of flowers that are not in season so that you can have your perfect bouquet no matter what!  So try to keep an open mind when it comes to flowers for your special day because there are so many options available to you!   








Which one of these lovely bridal bouquets is silk flowers and which one is fresh flowers?   
Roll your mouse over the pictures and the answers will surprise you! 






For all of your flower needs in the Hudson Valley area, Karin recommends Lucille’s Floral Design and Elegant Accents Florist.   

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